Liturgy can be any type of worship words, poetry, images and art that can enhance your worship experiences. For anything listed below, permission is granted for us in worship.

Please try to credit whenever possible. (c) C.M. Kolwey


For Special Occasions:

A PRAYER for the Monday following Easter — READ HERE

A PRAYER for the weeks of Eastertide — READ HERE

A PRAYER For Reconciliation, on July 4th — READ HERE

A LITANY for Overcoming Violence — READ HERE

A BENEDICTION for a special funeral — READ HERE

A PRAYER for a Church in Conflict — READ HERE

A LITANY of Blessing for Seminarians and Other Graduates — READ HERE

A LITANY or multi-voice SERMON for services advocating for Womens Health and Choice — READ HERE



Midrash of scriptures can be interesting ways to bring new life to familiar verses.

Here are some examples of midrash I’ve done:

The Creation Story (Genesis 1) — READ HERE

The Babel Story (Genesis 11: 1-9) — READ HERE

The Story of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 27) — READ HERE

The Word Made Flesh (John 1) — READ HERE


BLUE CHRISTMAS: is a worship service designed for people grieving during the holiday season.

This liturgy uses a reverse Advent wreath to honor loss — READ HERE

This liturgy was designed to combine Blue Christmas with a BLM focus — READ HERE

For general Sundays:

SUNDAY OCTOBER 4, 2020 – Year A, Proper 22 — READ HERE

– with a visual Call To Worship DOWNLOADABLE HERE