It is Monday, Holy God.

But many of us find ourselves in

the still dark places of an empty tomb,

for no one has become the body of Christ for us –

in our empty moments, in our lonely fraught.

We are still left longing for recognition,

for a word of comfort and promise.

For when we turn our hearts to the world O God,

we are still waiting for understanding

of just what resurrection means.

Innocents still wake to the ravages of unjust war,

strangers are still marginalized from community,

neighbors still divided across lines of faith, race, and privilege.

And so, we turn our hearts to prayer,

anchoring ourselves once again

in the hope that clings to us,

even when we do not recognize it for ourselves.

And we cry out Rabboni, teach us, just one more time

to recognize you in our midst.



(a prayer inspired by John 20 version of the resurrection story)

(this prayer was cross-posted on RevGalsBlogPals)

One thought on “LITURGY: A Prayer for Easter Monday

  1. Yes, many live for a long time in Holy Saturday time, waiting and waiting. May they and we, when it is our turn to wait in the tomb, have unshakable faith in Him and His promise of the victory of eternal life over all death, that Easter will have the last “say”.


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