I am a writer, artist, pastor, and chaplain.

I lean into all of these roles because they help to lead me into the liminal spaces where I can encounter the Divine. My work is about co-creation with the Divine. Chaos is my play dough. This blog is a space where I can explore this, and share my learnings with others.

I hope that you stumble upon something here that brings you joy or comfort. I hope you find something here that stretches your thinking, and causes you to reflect. I hope that you are inspired to embrace chaos, and to co-create as well.

Welcome, and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “about

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your piece in today’s Star Tribune opinion exchange. While watching Barrett’s confirmation hearings I felt an uneasiness I couldn’t put my finger on. You nailed it and I thank you. Please keep writing.


  2. “I have watched closely your confirmation hearings. Since we share many similarities — close in age, both living the in Midwest, both educated women with advanced degrees, both white mothers in multiracial families — I began my viewing hopeful.”

    Dear Cathy – I implore you to re-read the opening of your own open letter to realize how racially biased it is. Assess the very attributes you highlight similarities to ACB and realize that you could have chosen many other traits as a basis to draw such similarities.



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