for a Nation celebrating Freedom (based on Galatians 5)

Forgive us, O God,

for how easily we forget

that freedom in Christ binds us

to love both enemy and neighbor, 

and calls us to welcome the stranger and alien among us.

We too easily fall into the trap of assuming our side is right,

and we have the lock on grace for this world. 

And centered in our righteousness, we believe it is our right to cast out the other.

With the angry words we speak, and with the ways we keep silent,

we harm others in the name of freedom. 

Remind us, O God, that true freedom in Christ binds us to one another.

In the things we have done for the name of independence,

and in the things we have left undone in the name of freedom, forgive us O God.

Bind our hearts to our neighbor once again.

For true freedom knows no border or boundary or bias. 

So, reconcile us together into the freedom of Christ once again. 

In your Holy Name we pray, Amen.

(Assurance of Grace)

Paul reminds us that in Christ there is no longer Greek or Jew, no longer male or female, but that we are all one in Christ, and in that oneness, we find freedom in Christ and are bound to one another in love. Grace frees us to love and serve each other in Christ’s name. Amen.

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