Imagine if you will,

America as a woman, wife in barren pose.

Within her there grows, a future.

Two nations in one womb. Brothers divided.

Birthed together in conflict.

The stronger pulled back by the younger’s jealousy.

Esau made for the labor of the field, Jacob for the quiet tents.

Brute strength plotted against a schemer’s mind.

Down through the generations, brothers divide.

Over and over, birthright is stolen. And over again.

Birthright looted since heel-grabbed birth,

and now two nations exist in just one place.

Brothers divided, prayed for, despised.

This womb, America, and the wail of a mother’s cry.

cmk (c) 2020/07/11.

I used this midrash to introduce a sermon that I preached for Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church in Chaska, MN on July 12, 2020. If you would like to view the full sermon you can find it here:

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