My Plan?

What is My Plan? At the turn of the millennium, January 2000, a friend posted this question to the online community: citing that W.E.B. Dubois identified race as the defining problem of the twentieth century, my friend asked “What is your plan to counter this problem for the next millennium?”  In response to this question,… Read More


I cloak my son in whiteness create the shield whenever I can equating… mistaking… invisible with invincible somehow believing I can save him from history disguised as destiny. I cloak my son in whiteness it seems the only means I have for safeguarding his protection one more year, or month, or hour until that moment… Read More

SERMON: The Economy of “WE”

As we move through this pandemic and consider what we have done during “The Grand Pause” and I considered what we could so differently as we think about reopening the economy. This next sermon series will be exploring the idea of Kingdom economics … how we can transform our world by following the practices of… Read More

BLOG: The Zumba Effect

When I was training to become a Zumba teacher (yes, I was once an aerobics instructor, don’t laugh) the trainer gave the class advice that has translated into many parts of my life. She said this: “Know, ,that you will need to teach a new routine for 8-10 weeks. That people are not quick learner,… Read More

BWMT All American 01-15

Episode 15 is the push to the finale and it does not disappoint! Amid the drama, everyone seems to be dropping wise words to consider. Here is the link to the discussion starter: Enjoy! One more episode to go. Let me know your thoughts about which show I should do next!