BLOG: Don’t eat hot takis behind a dumpster.

For me, one of the most fun — and most challenging — parts of parenting is the ongoing conversation that happens around teaching my son about sex. Yes, I said fun first. I love having these conversations with him, knowing that all the little conversations feed into a greater development of his self-confidence and identity.… Read More

My Plan?

What is My Plan? At the turn of the millennium, January 2000, a friend posted this question to the online community: citing that W.E.B. Dubois identified race as the defining problem of the twentieth century, my friend asked “What is your plan to counter this problem for the next millennium?”  In response to this question,… Read More


(NOTE: My women’s bible study just finished the book This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley.  At the end of the final session, I asked all the participants to reflect on this important book.  This prayer is a collection of the thoughts that they had gathered as to their “learning” strung together into one body… Read More

LITURGY: a Prayer for a Church in Conflict

Our Holy Triune God, At the core of our diversity is unity, and at the core of our discord is covenant. As you exist — three-in-one — and are greater  because of your variety of expressions,  so too are we made stronger in our infinite variety —  of perspectives and opinions,  of experiences and expressions.… Read More