The following is a midrash on the Genesis 1 Creation story, with the understanding that these verses are clear examples of merisms in the Hebrew language.

God… as they hovered over the watery chaos… commands silence from the deep.

And on the first day, God called into being lightness to darkness, creating everything from

Lightening to thunder, cosmos and black holes, galaxies of stars and the night between them,

Everything from day to night, sunrises, sunsets, noonday sun, and clear midnight

And God saw that the breadth of all of it was good.

Then God created everything from the water to the sky,

Dense fog, driving rain, billowy clouds, and humid haze,

And God saw that it was good.

Then God created everything from the land to the sea,

Marshes, estuaries, fresh lakes and their rocky shores, verdant mountains and their trickling streams,

tide soaked sand edging the endless rolling seas

And God saw that it was good.

And then God created every creature from the birds in the air to the fish in the sea.

Flamingos and platypus, penguin and dolphin. Starfish, seahorse, octopi.

Humpbacks whale and jumping skates, Urchin, seagull, eagle.

And God saw that it was good.

God then called into being all the plants and the animals, every living being into existence,

Mighty sequoia and the moss that clings to it, jungle and prairie, grassland and tundra, and

filled them with moose, and elephant, alligator and fire ant, cougar and wolf and penguin and honey badger.

And every animal in between, God made them all.

And when earth was full with every kind of living creature,

God proclaimed it to be good.

And then God made human — male and female and all the spectrum in between — gentle and fierce, tame and wild,

The entire breadth of humanity – in every facet of beauty and with the entire depth of love.

And God called all of these to be co-creators in concert with all the Earth,

and having done so, God proclaimed them to be good.

And after God proclaimed all of creation to be good, they rested.

(c) 2021. CMK.

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