BLOG: Don’t eat hot takis behind a dumpster.

For me, one of the most fun — and most challenging — parts of parenting is the ongoing conversation that happens around teaching my son about sex. Yes, I said fun first. I love having these conversations with him, knowing that all the little conversations feed into a greater development of his self-confidence and identity.… Read More


(NOTE: My women’s bible study just finished the book This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley.  At the end of the final session, I asked all the participants to reflect on this important book.  This prayer is a collection of the thoughts that they had gathered as to their “learning” strung together into one body… Read More

LITURGY: a Prayer for a Church in Conflict

Our Holy Triune God, At the core of our diversity is unity, and at the core of our discord is covenant. As you exist — three-in-one — and are greater  because of your variety of expressions,  so too are we made stronger in our infinite variety —  of perspectives and opinions,  of experiences and expressions.… Read More