BLOG: Don’t eat hot takis behind a dumpster.

For me, one of the most fun — and most challenging — parts of parenting is the ongoing conversation that happens around teaching my son about sex. Yes, I said fun first. I love having these conversations with him, knowing that all the little conversations feed into a greater development of his self-confidence and identity.… Read More

BLOG: Breath is Life.

(POST 1 of “Pleas from a Birth Center Chaplain”) Before we get into a heated debate about abortion or women’s rights, let me first pose a question: Have you considered when life begins? (You would be surprised at how many people try to argue with me and have never considered this question. Put on the… Read More

An Open Letter to Amy Coney Barrett

To the Honorable Judge Barrett: I have watched closely your confirmation hearings. Since we share many similarities — close in age, both living the in Midwest, both educated women with advanced degrees, both white mothers in multiracial families — I began my viewing hopeful. I lost that hope quickly, when I heard you introduce yourself… Read More