give me an old and rugged love

one that blooms out of

withered and brittle leaves

one that dares to blossom

even after it has seen

the ravages of winter

give me the love that has known

heartache, loss, and sorrow

and still chooses to cling to

a buoyant and persistent hope

one that has weathered the storms

that have devastated landscapes

give me a wizened love that shatters

from brokenness yet rebuilds again

for I have no use for

the naivete of young love

I want a love born of

a survivalist’s hope

a love found in the reckless courage of rebirth

(c) 2023. CMK.

(from a series of poems I am calling “love poems for the resistance”)

2 thoughts on “POEM: courage to love

  1. Written by a strong woman who’s been through stuff – a lot of it – and learned, but is still willing to risk being fully herself for what she wants.

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  2. Exactly. One reason I felt safe enough to fall in love with Jim was watching him love his kids. I saw that he still had the capacity to love despite great pain.

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