This week (last full week of July) is always the time that I travel to Storm Lake, Iowa to be a part of this magical, wonderful camp called SYNOD SCHOOL.  My soul is fed by talking theology and doing art with some of the most amazing people I know who gather at this place every year.

This year, because of the pandemic, we are not gathering together, and it is breaking my heart. In lieu of teaching art to a bunch of creative kids, they asked me to put together a little video of an art project that the kids could do from home, so they could still get the feel of Synod School even while we all socially distanced.

So I put together this video lesson … an art project that celebrates trees by having kids learn about the Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai.

You can more learn about her here: WANGARI MAATHAI

Then you can find the video of my art project here: CELEBRATE TREES

I invite you to grab some kids, learn about this amazing woman, and do a little art.


“The leaves of the tree were

for the healing of the nations.”

Revelations 22:2 


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