Membership and community have some basic fundamental differences:

Membership is exclusive …                       Community is inclusive.

Membership is closed… Community is open.

Membership says “do you belong?”…     Community says “you belong here.”

Membership has limited resources… Community has unlimited potential.

Membership lives in scarcity…                 Community lives in abundance.

Membership requires buy in…                 Community puts a hand out.

Membership is a fixed mindset…             Community has a growth mindset.

Membership shuns…                                  Community welcomes.

And here is the thing: Jesus never required membership in a church. Not of his followers and not of us.  He did however, commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  And he required us to be a Community of Faith – one that is following his lead and is searching for the lost, including the marginalized, and healing the broken. 

As we live and pray and worship together, let us strive to create community with all who cross our paths.  Our community is so much more than just our membership. It includes the kids from Pajama Storytime. It includes the vendors who sell at our Farmers Market, and the shoppers too.  It includes our Facebook followers, and our website friends.  This is our community – and it is inclusive, welcoming and abundant.

“peace be to the whole community, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”             – Ephesians 6:23

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