SERMON: What We Got Wrong — About Dominion

Back in January 2020, I preached a whole sermon series on “What We Got Wrong”… specifically talking about scriptures that have been misinterpreted down through the ages.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, none of the sermons got recorded. But the week that we discussed “what we got wrong” about DOMINATION was one of my most… Read More

SERMON: A New Economy of “JUSTICE”

Continuing in the sermon series where we consider God’s Economy and how that might be different that the economy we have moved away from during these pandemic times, this is part 5 in the series where we consider the idea of JUSTICE. What might a new economy based on justice instead of retribution look like?… Read More

SERMON: Metaphors Are Tricky

“How do you feel when I say:
– a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
– the black sheep of the family?
– Mary had a little lamb?
– a lamb to the slaughter?
Each of these images bringes about a slightly different emotion. That is why metaphors are tricky; they are colored by the perceptions (and misperceptions) that we bring to them.” Read More