The follow liturgy is written to accompany the RCL scripture for November 29, 2020 and can be used/adapted for worship with citation.

PowerPoint slides for these prayers can be found HERE

Scripture slides with matching theme can be found HER

CALL TO WORSHIP (inspired by Isaiah 64: 1-9)

One:      From ages past, for years to come

ALL:       We wait on your revelation

One:      Knowing that no one has heard, no ear perceived

ALL:       No eye has seen what you have prepared for your people.

One:      The unexpected awaits us and we proclaim anew

ALL:       Light will come to our darkness, a Light for all your people.


Turn us from darkness toward your light,

Wake us from complacency to attentiveness.

Move us from isolation and loneliness

toward the warmth of worshipping together.

Center us in the hope of an Advent promise,

as you reveal Your Word for us this day.


It is hard to think about beginning a time of waiting once again, O Holy One. 

We are already feeling isolated and alone, fatigued with our own stillness,

 Impatiently waiting to be able to busy our schedules again,

so that we can go back to avoiding our brokenness and hurt.

And yet, you call us once again, to this season of Advent, to sit in silence and wait.

Help us, O Holy One, to remember that the stillness you demand

Reminds of your love and hope, focuses us on your peace and joy.

Help us to find these promises in our Advent stillness, not just for ourselves,

But so we can share these gifts with a world in despair and darkness.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


We wait patiently for the Light of the World to come once again.  Light for our darkness, hope for our despair, the God who reigns from everlasting to everlasting brings us the good news once again: in Jesus Christ, we are forgiven, Alleluia and Amen.


The promises of hope, love, peace, and joy are the gifts we receive again each Advent.  And so this morning we offer our gifts with our own Advent promise: we offer them with hearts ready to receive your promises again all over again. May they be multiplied so that the world can see the abundance of your gifts. Amen.

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