As we move through this pandemic and consider what we have done during “The Grand Pause” and I considered what we could so differently as we think about reopening the economy.

This next sermon series will be exploring the idea of Kingdom economics … how we can transform our world by following the practices of the early church.

The first in the series is an exploration of the economy of “WE” and change our focus from being all about “me” to all about “we”.

Listen here:

One thought on “SERMON: The Economy of “WE”

  1. Good stuff. Big task to undertake.
    But a great time to talk about a new economy… because the old one isn’t/wasn’t working.
    Barb actually bought me a shortl book on Jewish ethics called, I believe, “There is No Me Without a We” because i preach on that all the time. But it wasn’t very well written, and I don’t own it anymore, and I can’t find it on Amazon, so I may have the title wrong…


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