As I watch the brokenness and grief of the world today, I am pondering the idea of healing. Here’s what I got:

“Healing is always uncomfortable.

There is always that moment… inside the cast, underneath the bandaid, around the stitches… when your wound starts to hurt and itch and burn. You want to tear off the bandage and scratch like crazy. This is when you know the healing has begun.

America is in this moment. It’s starting to itch, and burn, and hurt.

It’s becoming uncomfortable.

If we are not careful we will tear off the bandage and scratch too deep and too hard, and open wounds barely scarred over. And we will be bleeding again and all of our old wounds will be opened and new and deeper than before.

Instead of scratching our own tender scars, let’s look for a balm, tend each other’s wounds, and re-bandage each other gently. Until we are on the other side of uncomfortable, and real healing can begin.


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