This week my heart had I have spent a lot of time thinking about my little Harlem apartment, and Sahadi’s grocery on Atlantic Avenue; I have been grieving for a NYC friend who lost his father to COVID-19, and of course, watching the empty streets of Times Square.

So, this sermon feels special. It feels a little like a love song to a city in pause. Wherever you are this Easter Sunday, I hope that you find promise in the empty spaces.

Watch here:

All blessings and peace to you this Easter.

2 thoughts on “SERMON: When Emptiness is a Promise.

  1. Is there any chance of reaching you, Cathy M. Kolwey, to receive permission for quoting part of an essay you authored (“Redemption”) in my soon-to-be published paperback, “Realizing Our Deepest Desires: Journeying into the Joy of God”? and had published in The Sun, July 2002, pp. 32-33?


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