What’s it like, Butterfly? What’s it like

To, suddenly, not be earthbound.

To lose those feet that kept you clinging to the ground.

Do you feel light?

How does it feel, Butterfly?

Out from the darkness

Of the suffocating cocoon, no longer bound.

Breaking away from the transformative shroud.

Do you feel free?

Do you know Butterfly, what God has done?

Adorned you with shades of brilliant blue,

Bathed in light so nature can’t hide you.

Given you wings so you’ll be windswept high,

But do you even know you have the power to fly?

Blessed you with a quiet and stoic grace,

Content to flutter peacefully in your chosen place

Transcendent creature, do you know?

Do you feel light? Do you feel free?

Do you know the breathless splendor that others’ see?

Beautiful soul trying to understand what you will be

Spread your wings, and breathe in Eternity.

And then tell me Butterfly

What’s it like?

 C.M. Kolwey, (c) 1999

Photo credit: www.freestockphoto.net
Photo credit: http://www.freestockphoto.net

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